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  1. Small group Guanyin, statue “Guanyin between two Acolytes”, porcelain with colorless glaze at the end of 1700 (26 × 16 cm)
  2. Cane di Fo, China white colorless glaze porcelain, early 1700s (12x11cm)
  3. Pair of blue turquoise ceramic rabbits (18x10cm – 16x9cm)

Venice 1700, an extremely rare small mirror, used by the Venetian ladies of the 1700s to apply moles

Carved and gilded wood candelabra, painted in fake marble. Venice 1500. 180h cm with triangular base 50 cm

Exceptional torcera in gilded carved wood and lacquered representing eagle, behind the skilfully sculpted and gilded wings, stands the gilded iron arm that supports the wooden clay pigeon. The work is attributed to Filippo Parodi, the same artist who created similar works at Palazzo Spinola in Genoa. Period 1630/1702.